The world is experiencing one of the most intensive periods of active shooter incidents in history. Over the past few years, active shooting incidents have increased dramatically, so much so that most organizations now feel the need to educate their employees on this extremely violent threat.
Active shooter incidents are a worldwide problem, and all organizations must properly develop programs to prevent and mitigate the risk from such threats. While the Active Shooter is still not an everyday occurrence, it is something that must be taken seriously. The active shooter threat can no longer be ignored. This course will provide you with responses to increase your chance of survival.

Running Time: 50 mins.
Instructor: Robert Goris

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the active shooter threat
  • Develop situational awareness for any emergency
  • Understand how to escape the situation
  • What to do when escape is not possible
  • Denying the shooter access to you
  • Cover vs concealment
  • When not to hide
  • How to attack back an active shooter as a last resort
  • What to report to police?
  • How to behave when law enforcement arrives


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