When caught up in a conflict or combat situation your response may depend on who is the target: are you, personally, the target or is it your vehicle, your organization or someone else? The confusion created when suddenly coming under fire can often make it difficult to establish who is shooting, which direction the shooting is coming from, and whether you are the target. How you react when shooting occurs will be influenced by your level of awareness at the time, how close you are to the shooting, and what cover is available. This course aims to build awareness on small arms, artillery, mortars, rockets and grenades.

Running Time: 30 mins.
Instructor: Robert Goris

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the main types of firearms.
  • Know what defensive action to take for each weapon.
  • Know how to use cover and concealment to your advantage.
  • Identify precautions and defensive risks.


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